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Originally Posted by Obadno View Post
Yeah, between the (soon to be) three stadiums right there, and the build out of the office, hotel and multi-family across the street in the Novus area that is under construction, that area is going to be unrecognizable in 5 years. It also feels like that stretch of 5th St./Veterans Way is a logical release valve for DT Tempe that will connect it to Novus. Hopefully that stretch further developing will allow the retail to survive that has struggled in University House, the transportation center and the parking garage by the Residence Inn.

Originally Posted by azsunsurfer View Post
Some information about the lawsuit between the AG and Crow/ BoR....

So I guess the issue is that corner of Mill and University was privately owned land in the past. Tower Records use to be there, TOPS liquor...eventually Chili's. ASU purchased the land and although ASU had some "university uses" the AG's complaint is that this use to be private property paying property taxes and now the majority of the site will have private uses while not paying property taxes. So when I was reminded of the history I could see that argument. Supposedly there is no concern with the Novus District because that was land that was gifted to the University by the State as opposed to land that ASU bought.
Yeah, all that plus I believe that Novus is specifically authorized by statute, whereas the Opus project is in more of a legal gray area. I was always somewhat uncomfortable with the big tax giveaway involved in the Opus project, so if the AG is successful I won't be too disappointed. I just hope it doesn't embolden Brnovich to go after other projects.

Also to note, on my way in today went by the Pier and it had the most activity I think I've seen there--at least 2 dozen people working. And it's starting to poke above ground level. Hopefully it's move in ready by 2030
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