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Originally Posted by delts145 View Post
I'm sure the financial commitment would be major, but I wish the LDS Church would start making some moves on those So. Temple lots. Those are probably my least favorite at this time. I mean, both BYU and UVU are bursting at the seams, and can't even begin to take in all the students that want to get in or expand fast enough in the case of UVU. Also, it seems like the LDS Churches office operations are scattered all over the CBD and Valley. Am I wrong in thinking that those giant parking lots are ripe to begin handling their student, business overflow. Use to be that the Church Campus was surrounded by lots on three sides. Then gradually, the east and north sides were developed into some impressive parks and buildings. I guess there's still a little room around the area directly east of the new records library. Even if the South Temple lots were developed in phases, let's get started.
I agree. The church ought to formulate plans for that block and the more recently acquired block on 400 S and develop them.

As far as church offices, I think they only have the ones downtown and their I.T. offices in Riverton in the former Intel building.
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