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^ Yea, I first had the same thought but in fact, Confluence is a large masterplan, really nothing suburban. Everytime I take a quick look at it, I get lost (I'm a Paris kid, not a Lyonnais at all) and this mall actually doesn't appear anything much more than a detail in there. I mean, eventually, it shouldn't even really affect the street life of the overall area. What we've got above is a 1st phase....
Here's the outline of a significant block coming next.

Showing flows from the block to the outside and reciprocally.

Use of components:

Résidentiel : accession à prix maîtrisé => residential for sale, prices regulated by the local authorities (yet another thing more or less liberticide of the French socialists currently in office, I guess...).
Résidentiel : logement social => residential, social housing (for rent, regulated by the local authorities).
Résidentiel : logement => residential for sale, market rate.
Commerce => retail
Activité - service => services to the local community. For instance, nurseries for babies too young to go to a nursery school, which is essential to let young parents work with their minds at peace.
Tertiaire => offices

Now below is what they call "connections to the smart city". Uh, don't ask me, it just sounds like marketing terms of the urban planner to me right now.

What could that be? some sort of system to manage or measure the overall energy consumption of the neighborhood? Heck, I just don't know.

All these above are hosted on, thanks to the members of SSC for that. They'd be cool to visit us on here, though...

This is the only known rendering I found. It's the tallest building at the center of the block.

I'll try to figure out more accurate details of the masterplan but again, it's a little intimidating cause apparently large. It's pretty much something like the Paris Rive Gauche masterplan.
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