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Originally Posted by YankeesfaninUT View Post
Technically it is still a spire. It was designed as a spire. Just because they are removing the radome does not change that. They weren't even going to put broadcast equipment on it until last year. The building was designed with this in mind. Most antennas are usually added onto buildings later. The antenna on top of the original WTC wasn't added until 1978. They were engineered and designed to have these antennas installed but they were not part of the architecture. When it is finished it still wont have any equipment on it. There is no rule anywhere that says you cant add equipment to your buildings spire at a later date and have that change it to an antenna.
You don't even know what you're talking about. They certainly were planning on using it for broadcasting equipment the entire time. The current "spire" is just the antenna without the enclosure and they plopped the beacon and lightning rod on top of it.
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