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Originally Posted by Boku View Post
Think it's just a continuation of Brandywine selling off assets in order to fund their super duper top secret skyscraper plans.
I agree, this parking lot sale is relative small potatoes considering they just made over $350 mil off the IRS building. I think it's clear they are selling off pieces in order to further new developments in Philadelphia.

On a side note, this is finally some good news for Wilmington. That parking lot has sat vacant for over a decade, but the whole time has had a big sign with a rendering of a fabulous mini-Cira Centre type tower for Wilmington (which of course never came to fruition). I always thought it was just another example of Wilmington's decline that sign wasted away ...year after year....never to be built.

But - since Chase already has 2 buildings here, and is adding some 1800 jobs to the area, it looks like #3 will finally be built.


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