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Originally Posted by iheartphilly View Post
4000 employees in its Supertall. I'm wondering if Comcast consolidated its other building plans by maximizing the square footage of this building for its usage. Without the hotel on the top floors, it wouldn't be a supertall.

Anyone have insight into this?
I read that Comcast has outgrown it's old building. The current Comcast Center is 90% leased by Comcast, but 10% is leased to other companies that have no plans to give it up. Therefore Comcast needs a new building. They plan on occupying anywhere between 40% to 50% of the new building. The other office space that won't be owned by Comcast would be leased out. The hotel, restaurant, retail spaces, parking areas, subway station, and a laboratory will take up the rest of the spaces in the building.........
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