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Originally Posted by Roadcruiser1 View Post
Well they want it approved quick. I read that they want to break ground later this year, and want it finished by 2017. I also read they want to extend the nearby subway concourse under this building, and have retail on the base of the building. Of course there has to be parking nearby, and the restaurant at the top is opened to the public. The Four Seasons Hotel Lobby will also be up where the restaurant is. Otherwise it's an office building since the hotel will be at the top just below the restaurant.
Also Wikipedia has an article on the project.
Thanks Roadcruiser1, I checked out Wikipedia, they don't waste any time, do they? They already have Comcast CTIC listed #1 in The Tallest Skyscrapers in Philadelphia.(Of course it says approved) Hey, maybe Wikipedia, or Google needs to rent more office space? You think?
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