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Updated 09/30/2008 10:38 PM

MTA Needs $100M More To Keep Subway Clean

Keeping the subways clean will cost a lot more green than expected.

An analysis by New York City Transit released Tuesday found it would cost more than $100 million more than the allotted cleaning budget to reach and maintain what the agency considers an "acceptable level of cleanliness" system-wide.

To clean each of the 468 stations costs roughly $230,000.

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority is facing a large 2009 budget deficit, but some riders say clean subways would be worth the extra cost.

"They should use that money to clean up the subways system, because the subway system right now is just out of control," said a rider.

"For a clean city, there's never too much money," said another.

Others balked at the $100 million price tag.

"I think it’s too much money to spend there,” said an objecting rider. “Because if people just don't litter and clean up after themselves, the problem would take care of itself."

The numbers are based on a pilot program that increased the number of cleaners assigned to 64 stations, including all stations on the L and 7 lines.
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