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Truly amazing indeed!

Originally Posted by ethereal_reality View Post

Here's another truly amazing cabinet card currently listed on eBay


"B. Blake's Residence,...Cor. Pearl Ave. and Bellevue Place,...Los Angeles, Cal."

Now if I could only find the corner of Pearl Ave. and Bellevue Place.

And who's this B. Blake?

P.S. If you look closely there are fourteen people in the photograph!

Thanks for another great find, e_r . . . . I think the ebay photo is an early shot of the Bellevue Terrace Hotel at 6th and
Pearl/Figueroa, before the other two buildings were constructed. Compare the ebay photo to the building below on the left
(minus the hat, dormers, and long 1st floor porch); the buildings' shapes match, as do the number and position of second-
floor windows, the horizontal and vertical lines below those windows, the front porch, the chimney top, and the roof edge:

Bellevue Terrace Hotel -- CHS-31129 @ USC Digital Library

The 1888 Sanborn Map shows 6th Street ended at Pearl (see lower right corner). After a slight jog across Pearl, Bellevue Place began:

ProQuest via LA Public Library

The building in the ebay photo was apparently planned in 1882, completed in 1883, and turned into a boarding house by 1884:

July 26, 1882, Los Angeles Times @

1883-84 Los Angeles City and County Directory @

November 13, 1884, Los Angeles Times @ ProQuest via LA Public Library

This article says that after Mr. Blake leased his home at 6th and Pearl (the home in the ebay photo and on the left in the
above USC photo) to Mrs. Whipple (see ad above), he built the second, or middle, of the three buildings that would
comprise the Bellevue Terrace Hotel:

January 31, 1886, Los Angeles Herald @

And then Mr. Blake started the third and largest building (on the right in the above USC photo):

March 23, 1886, Los Angeles Herald @

Unfortunately, Mr. Blake -- Barnum Blake -- met a sad end:

December 1, 1889, Los Angeles Times @

We've seen the Bellevue Terrace many times, including t2's post in 2015.

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