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I'm glad the Garden of Allah sign in back in California.

Earlier today I happened upon a group of 14 amateur slides of the Skid Row area in the 1960s. (and perhaps a few from the late 1950s) The slides are being sold separately.

The majority of the slides are of the L.A. Mission and are a bit faded.

Like this one.


Do you see the store (Borin) to the right of the mission - I'll show you a better pic of it below.

The following three slides aren't as faded and I find them the most intriguing.



The seller dates this one as 1967.

Here's a poor man down on his luck.



I couldn't help but notice the old timey lettering on the wall behind the man. And at lower left here are three numbers of a street address - 695.

Do you think we can figure out what business this is/was?

This next slide shows a man hanging laundry on a rooftop clothesline. No doubt a SRO. (or the roof of the mission?)



I think there's a possibility we can figure out which rooftop this is if one of you fine sleuths recognize any of the buildings in the distance.


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