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The apartments include this archaic garage located behind the building on Zalvidea Street (what a name!).


e_r, from my notes:

Zalvidea, Jose Maria (Padre) March 2, 1780, born at Bilbao, Spain; August 31, 1805, arrived in California at San Francisco; February 1, 1806, to August 31, 1806, assigned to Mission San Fernando Rey; December 19, 1806, to January 15, 1827, served at Mission San Gabriel; ca. 1821, noted by eventual centenarian Eulalia Perez at San Gabriel as treating the Indians very well, and much beloved; his enthusiastic efforts at grapevine cultivation at Mission San Gabriel, undertaken without the approval of his superiors, at length brought about his forced transfer to Mission San Juan Capistrano, thus March 4, 1826 (overlaps service at Mission San Gabriel) to November 26, 1842, at Mission San Juan Capistrano; as the years went on, increasingly mystical, and some thought him mad; “There were those who tried to brand him insane, but they had no basis in fact. They were just reacting to the Father’s habit of telling them the bitter truth about their abuses and disorderliness”; end of November?, 1842, to ca. the latter part of June, 1846 (when he died), served at Mission San Luis Rey.

By the way, those interested in California history as well as partying might wish to celebrate today September 17 as the (1776) day the San Francisco Presidio was established!
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