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Pierre Moffet and Denis Archambault under 6770967 Canada Inc. are proposing a development consisting of a mixed-use building complex at 1098 Ogilvie Road & 1178 Cummings Avenue, to be called "Lux Place". The complex is comprised of two podiums and three towers of various height. The project includes approximately 850 dwelling units and approximately 150 hotel rooms. The mixed-use development proposes an approximate total of 990 parking spaces located on a five storey underground parking, with 270 of those spaces being set aside for the hotel use and 720 spaces to be provided for residential and visitor uses. In addition to vehicular parking, a total of 431 bicycle parking spaces are required (425 for residential uses; 6 commercial uses). The requested bicycle parking spaces will be provided and located in the parking garage.

The three (3) towers of the complex are designed with podiums bases. The podiums are designed to be six (6) storeys in height. The proposed building design and shape, divides the building along its three main vertical components; A podium, a middle part and a top part. Specific design features contribute to emphasizing the lower floor of the buildings.

The northwest tower and the northeast tower are identical although the one at the northwest has twenty five (25) storeys and the one at the northeast has twenty seven (27) storeys. The tower at the southwest has a distinctive design. It has a squarer floor plate shape and a height of thirty six (36) storeys. The north podium defines the street edge along Cummings Avenue, Ogilvie Road and the future street, within the said triangle, linking Ogilvie Road and Cyrville Road.

Architect: PMA Architectes & Lapalme Rheault Architectes + AssociƩs

Development application:



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