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Winnipeg Hotel

Winnipeg Hotel (Heritage restoration)
Location: 214 Main St
Developer: John Pollard
Architect: Unit 7 Architecture
Contractor: Jilmark Construction Ltd.
Status: In development
Media: Closing time for Winnipeg Hotel
Description: The hotel at 214 Main St. opened in 1881, it was purchased three years ago by a holding company fronted by John Pollard, co-chief executive officer of Pollard Banknote Ltd, plans are to refurbish the building and redevelop it into a boutique hotel. Pollard anticipates it could take as long as three years to complete the renovations on the Winnipeg Hotel.
A Brief History of the Winnipeg Hotel

The Winnipeg Hotel in 2019

The Winnipeg Hotel in 1903

The original red bricks being revealed on the Winnipeg Hotel.
Winnipeg | A Picture Thread - Updated May 2023

WINNIPEG | Projects and Development

In The Future Every Building Will Be World-Famous For Fifteen Minutes.

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