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Osborne to Downtown Walk Bike Bridge
Location: Assiniboine River crossing, McFadyen Park and Fort Rouge Park, Winnipeg, MB
Developer: City of Winnipeg
Architects: TBD
Contractor: TBD
Size: TBD
Cost: TBD
Status: design Stage
Media: 3 designs pitched for new pedestrian bridge over Assiniboine River
Description: A preliminary design for a new pedestrian and cycling bridge over the Assiniboine River will be developed to connect Osborne Village to Downtown via McFadyen Park on the north side of the river and Fort Rouge Park on the south side of the river. Considerations for this project include pedestrian and cycling connectivity throughout Osborne Village to Osborne Rapid Transit Station, Norwood Bridge, bike lanes on Nassau Street, and the riverwalk, upgrades to both McFadyen Park and Fort Rouge Park, crime prevention through environmental design (CPTED), and riverbank stabilization.

Bridge Option 2 of 3: Cable-Stayed Bridge:
Landmark double curved bridge:
  • Could attract visitors (as there are very few curvilinear cable-stayed bridges in North America, and this would be the first Canada).
  • Aesthetically unique as it allows someone on the bridge to see the other side of the bridge while crossing it.
  • The double curved feature may help to provide a better "connection to the parks" feeling.
  • The double curved feature will naturally help to slow down pedestrians and cyclists on the bridge (when compared to a straight bridge).
  • The double curved bridge mimics the meandering rivers and streets along rivers in Winnipeg.

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