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Southwest Bus Rapid Transitway

Southwest Bus Rapid Transitway (Stage 2)
Cost: $467.3 million (estimate)
Description: The Southwest Transitway is a dedicated high-speed roadway for buses, physically separated from the regular street system linking Downtown to the southwest part of the city. Buses operate at speeds up to 80 km/h, free of any other traffic, providing very fast, reliable service. Stage 1 of the Southwest Transitway, completed in 2012, is 3.6 kilometres in length and currently runs from Queen Elizabeth Way & Stradbrook Avenue to Pembina Highway and Jubilee Avenue. Stage 2 includes a 7.6 kilometre southerly extension of the existing infrastructure from Pembina
Highway and Jubilee Avenue to the University of Manitoba. When completed in spring 2020, the Southwest Transitway will operate from Downtown to the neighbourhoods of southwest Winnipeg, including the University of Manitoba.
Estimated Completion: 2020

Stage 1 Complete

Stage 2:

Overhead Shots of the Southwest Transitway Construction Activities from June 2019:

Stadium Station, at the end of the stage 2 line at University of Manitoba's IG Field, was completed in 2017.

Plaza Station

Bridge over tracks betwen Plaza and Chervier

Chervier Station

Artwork and Training Bus at Clarence Station

Beaumont Station and Teapot

Training Bus at bridge over McGillvray

Markham Station

Traffic Lights along the bike path aside the Transitway.

Source: trebor204
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