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Originally Posted by Confessing Sam View Post
Hi, everyone!

I stumbled upon this forum while searching for vintage photos of Echo Park, and I'm obsessed.

Also, any photos of The Pike in Long Beach?

Hi, Sam!

Here are a few links to some past Pike posts (by coincidence, all from e_r):


Speaking of Echo Park, here's an aerial showing the former location of a home at 1448 W. Temple Street, a site now just a block west
of the LA Public Library's Echo Park Branch. Also marked are 339 and 372 Laveta Terrace:


This is a c. 1891 view looking south at 1448 W. Temple. The demolition permit for 1448 Temple is dated July 14, 1926:

1989-0743 @ CA State Library ("House, view 10 of 39" by William Henry Fletcher)

Here's a closer look at the house. An attorney named Henry Rollins lived there c. 1891-97, so that might be him and his family:

Another close-up; at upper right you might be able to make out 1448, while in the distance at left behind the trees is the second
Ellis College (aka Belmont Hall) building:

One last close-up, from the right side of the full photo, showing 339 Laveta Terrace (then known as Brent Street):

You can't see 339 Laveta Terrace very well from the street (the February 2009 GSV is the best view), but here it is with its green roof.
You can see 339 Laveta Terrace numbered 29 Brent on the 1890 Sanborn Map at the Library of Congress, and you can see that house
on the 1894 Sanborn (as 339 Brent) as well:


This is the 1890 Sanborn Map, with Temple Street (and thus north) on the right. Brent Street (now Laveta Terrace) is at the top,
and Patton Street is at the bottom. Fourteen forty-eight Temple is so new it doesn't yet have an address but is instead marked
by its location on lot 15. On the SE corner of Temple and Brent is 1420 Temple:

Library of Congress

By the 1894 Sanborn, 1448 Temple had picked up the porch on its east side that we see in the c. 1891 photo, and 1420 Temple
was in need of renumbering:

Library of Congress

By the 1906 Sanborn, 1420 Temple had been renumbered 1462. There is a building permit dated May 16, 1910, to move 1462 Temple
to 372 Brent. So, move it to the rear of the lot, next to the 20-foot-wide alley, and rotate it 90 degrees to the left . . .

ProQuest via LA Public Library

. . . like we see here on the 1950 Sanborn (by which time Brent had been renamed Laveta) . . .

ProQuest via LAPL

. . . and like we see here in March 2018:


The front door in May 2014, when the address was easier to see:


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