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Mystery tanks.

"Original Kodak Transparency/Slide, E Olympic Blvd FOUR TRACKS 9th Hooper 1950s."


I pinpointed the location for you. (I'm 99.9% sure this is correct)


Now let's do a lower altitude flyby.


re: The tanks

Unless I am mistaken, these two tanks are too far south to be the L.A. Gas tanks up by the old 102 Brewery.

The nearer one is definitely a gas-o-meter.

but I am confused by tank number 2) in the distance.... Is this a gas-o-meter as well? I ask because I don't see the lattice frame work.

Have we seen these two, particular, tanks before? . . .or have I just forgotten about them.


I can't let this go without pointing out the excellent looking corner Mobil Gas Station.


The taller buildings in the background still stand.


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