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1919 General Strike Monument

1919 General Strike Monument
The plan is for the sculpture to be unveiled June 21, a century to the day after the bloodiest event of the Winnipeg General Strike. On a Saturday six weeks into the 1919 strike, tens of thousands of people gathered on Main Street at the former city hall to support striking workers and to protest the arrest days earlier of labour leaders.

When a streetcar driven by strikebreakers approached, demonstrators rocked it off its tracks and set fire to it. The North West Mounted Police, joined by untrained special constables, rode into the crowd with clubs and guns. Bullets were fired. Two people died and dozens were injured as a result of the confrontation on a day now known as Bloody Saturday.

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Overturned Streetcar, Winnipeg General Strike, Winnipeg, 21 June 1919.



@HTFC_Winnipeg May 15

To celebrate 100 years since Winnipeg was the epicentre of the modern labour movement in Canada, we are collaborating with @noamgonick and @WinnipegArts on new artwork at the corner of Market Avenue and Main Street, commemorating the 1919 General Strike!

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