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Originally Posted by ethereal_reality View Post

Mystery Adobe

Can anyone figure out...who lived in, [or] what business was located in the adobe building? (I don't know where to put my commas)


It's obviously in the process of being torn down. ( there is some writing on it, but I can't read it)
Here's your mystery adobe. Murray & Ready was an employment agency at 127-129 S Los Angeles Street, although I can only find them there in the 1906 CD.

"View of the residence of Don Agustine (Augustine) Olvera on the corner of Los Angeles Street and Marchesault Street, ca.1880"

USC Digital Library

From the description:

Photograph of the residence of Don Agustine (Augustine) Olvera on the corner of Los Angeles and Marchesault streets, ca.1880. Built by Don Tiburcio Tapia in 1854(?--source Bill Mason lists Tapia as having died in 1847), the long, one-story house appears to be engaging in commercial interests: café tables are visible beneath its covered porch, at one of which several people are sitting. Signs adorn the outside of the house and read "Murray & Ready", "Other Offices", "Sohombres", "If your [...] call me early [...] for to morrow [...]". Both streets are unpaved. Telephone poles are visible to the front and side of the house, and man riding a bicycle can be seen at the extreme left with is back to the camera. The site would later become the location of the Mexican Methodist Church and Clinic.
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