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I found this photograph a few days ago on Ebay.

"LLEWELYN [SIC] Iron Works, Los Angeles California 19th Century"

EBAY [unlisted now]

Here is what's writtien in pencil on the reverse...

"J.W. Burlesum(?)
Waxahatchie TX

fo(?) Llewellyin [sic] Iron Works
Los Angeles Cal

I can't quite square this photograph with the Llewellyn location in Torrance. (was there an earlier location somewhere else in Los Angeles?)
Is it possible this photograph shows a Llewellyn factory in Texas?

(even if the location ends up being Texas, you have to admit this is a fantastic old photograph)

As a reminder I'll go ahead and add this additional info. [I believe this ad has been posted on nla in the past]

from Southwest Builder & Contractor, Jan 1920 (of course this is 30 or more years after the photograph was taken)

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