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Chestnut Place rang a bell with me from watching CHiPs, but more of that below. Here's a view from January 1, 1928, which shows the Hotel Virginia stil standing. I kept a wide view to show to early stages of construction on the Rainbow Pier. It looks odd without the Municipal Auditorium.

This view from October 17, 1939 shows the hotel gone, but the driveway on Ocean Boulevard is still intact. The lower level seems to have acquired some small amusements, but there's no sign of the bowlng alley. Note that Chestnut Place doesn't extend to Ocean Boulevard, and I think that the tree from e_r's picture is to the left of the Sovereign.

The 1953 and 1963 views at Historic Aerials are fuzzy, but appear to show a building where the bowling alley was. The roadway to Ocean appears by 1972.

Many of the later episodes of CHiPs had scenes filmed around Long Beach. The season 4 episode 'Sick Leave' starts with a chase which goes down Chestnut Place. You can see the ramp in the background of the screengrabs below, but no sign of the bowling alley.

MGM TV/Rosner TV

The 1980 aerial view shows how undeveloped this area still was at the time of filming. At the bottom, you can just see part of an elevated section of road which has since been removed.

Historic Aerials

This current aerial shows how things have changed. The Sovereign and Blackstone appear to be the only constants.

Google Maps

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