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1975 W. Washington Blvd.

There was a discussion at NLA about Father Divine and a related home in Beverly Hills on pages 1975 and 1976.

Another Divine-related home was one of his "Heavens" at 1975 W. Washington Blvd., which was built in 1907 for Frank Eckley,
secretary of the Inglewood Park Cemetery Association:

February 3, 1907, Los Angeles Herald @ CDNC

Inglewood founder Daniel Freeman's daughter Grace married a Charles Howland, so perhaps that's her referred to below:

November 1, 1907, Los Angeles Herald @ CDNC

Here is 1975 W. Washington, on the NE corner of Ardmore, on the 1907 Sanborn Map. Back then, Ardmore was known
as Lenox. The 10-foot-wide alley at the top was apparently meant to access the lot to the east of the Eckley home:

ProQuest via LAPL

The 1921 Sanborn Map shows the home's exterior is about the same:

ProQuest via LAPL

You can see 1975 W. Washington at left in this view looking east on Washington in 1926, the year before a fire escape
was added just north of the chimney:

00068466 @ LAPL

Here we get a good look at the house in 1935, when it was one of Father Divine's "Heavens." The information with the photo
alludes to another "Heaven" at 4011 Compton Avenue, but that building looks to have been torn down:

Islandora/UCLA – LA Daily News Negatives

I bet the chimney damage happened in the 1933 Long Beach Earthquake:

Eventually the Magyar Athletic Club came to own 1975 W. Washington, and they built an addition to the home in 1949-50:


The 1950 Sanborn was up-to-date with that addition:

ProQuest via LAPL

It appears not much has changed at 1975 W. Washington since 1950:

Dec 2017 GSV

This is the Ardmore side of 1975 W. Washington, with the chimney cut off at the roof line:

March 2015 GSV

It seems that the lot to the east of 1975 W. Washington has never been built on, other than a parking lot. This view suggests
that Eckley owned the lot when he built his home next door:

Google Aerial

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