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I was feeling pleased with myself for tracking down the location of the drugstore in "Tension" to the southwest corner of W 6th Street and S Alexandria Avenue (3500 W 6th Street), right up until I went looking for pictures, and found that GW had already solved the mystery in 2012! - see post #7784. Here's a screengrab showing the Standard Station mentioned by GW. The "S Alexandria Ave" sign is half in shadow just above the "Bus Stop" sign on the left.

Looking the other way, the El Parador Apartments signs are props, but Jasper Tailor Shop at 3510 W 6th Street was real.

This looks like an actual Culver City location. Warren Quimby (Richard Basehart) tries to relax here when his wife walks out.

Quimby, as Paul Sothern, rents an apartment at the rear of 10350 Bellwood Avenue. Here's Mary Chanler (Cyd Charisse) between the front and rear apartments.

We only get to see the front of the apartments near the end of the movie. Here's Claire Quimby (Audrey Totter) arriving...

... and going down an alley to the back, where the movie's denouement occurs.

All screengrabs MGM
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