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Originally Posted by Scott Charles View Post
Amazing, Flyingwedge! It might seem like nothing to a bystander, but for me to see the place that my mother worked is an enormous thrill for me! Thanks so much!

I am admittedly new to using things like the online CD and things like Baist and Sanborn maps - all tricks I've picked up from reading this thread, and I am still (slowly) learning. But how on Earth did you know that my mapwork was out of date? Did 1921 and the late 1940s seem too long a time for you to believe my old data was correct?
You are quite welcome!

I just had a hunch that the Clifton House, the church, and the building in between didn't last until WWII.

Speaking of the Clifton House on the SW corner of Broadway and Temple, it can be seen on the right side of this
c. 1892-3 photo of the LA County Court House, which shows Temple on the right and New High St. on the left:


Here is a closer look at the Clifton House, on the right:

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