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The subject rekindled a street lighting observation for Cahuenga Boulevard West, which parallels the 101 Freeway though the Cahuenga Pass. From afar, the street lighting pictured in the circa late-'30s image is suggestive of the so-called "Wilshire Specials." Admittedly, based upon limited research and limited understanding of geometric shapes, the lamps may have been rounded (hexagonal or octogonal) rather than squared or rectangular. See second image which source dates from '40s. Whatever their shape or shapes, are there any still standing along Cahuenga or have they all gone the way of Monkey Island?

Cahuenga Pass. Per source - from the '30s.

The distant street lamps appear to be different than . Rounded rather than square.

Cahuenga 1933

Another "familiar" view of Cahuenga street lighting, circa '38

1937, Cahuenga

If I am not mistaken, Highland Avenue morphs into Cahuenga Blvd, south of the first image. For comparison, nearby French Village images on Highland, circa '38, do not evidence the same street lighting. Presumably the Cahuenga street lights were removed and changed with the Freeway development. another

Originally Posted by Godzilla View Post
More of the French Village at approximately 2400 N. Highland.

Before the Hollywood Freeway another fascinating interchange.

~1938 , Southern portion of Cahuenga Pass in foreground and crossing to the left. Highland Ave to the right. Hollywood Bowl is around the bend to the right.

Were the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel and Plaza Hotel (1637 N Vine) or Park Plaza Hotel affiliated sister hotels?

Can't resist including this enlarged image that includes a mirage-like Fairytale French Village in the distance. Note the lonely old style lighting surrounded by the new.

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