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Much progress has been made in the past 5 weeks at The Exchange site. The weather was great yesterday and I took some photos.

On the eastern half (closer to The Kalamazoo Building), the core has grown a bit taller, probably about 30 feet high now. This will house two elevator shafts and a stairwell). The beginnings of the parking ramp entrance off of Michigan Ave can also be seen. Lots of electrical utility work is happening on the back side. The alley has been closed off again. Workers have begun laying down moisture barriers for the ground floor slab.

On the western half of the site (closer to Rose St), construction has ramped up. Excavation is mostly done, and foundations are now well underway. Forms and re-steel are starting to go up for the perimeter foundations and columns on the western half of the building - I would expect some big pours happening soon. You can now make out the foundation 'pad' for the west core, which will be smaller and will include a single elevator and another stairwell.

1. View from nearby parking deck:

2. A closer look from above. Can see the start of the parking ramp at the extreme left of the site:

3. Looking south, across Michigan Ave:

4. Looking east, across Rose St:

5. Looking northeast, along the alley:

6. Foundation re-steel and forms along the western edge of the building (paralleling Rose St):

7. Foundation pad for the west core:

8. Looking northeast, at what will be the main ground floor retail area:

9. Re-steel silhouette:

10. Looking north, at what will be the main ground floor retail area:

11. The east core:

12. Electric Utility:

13. Looking west along the alley:

14. Color contrast: