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Originally Posted by HossC View Post

Getty Research Institute

The Zandt Carpet Co was at 1122 N Vine Street, with the Colehurst Apartments at 1106.
If ever a building cried out to be repurposed, it was this fine one. The replacement looks much less useful for anything.

Originally Posted by HossC View Post
Who writes "Demo entire building" on a Stiles Oliver Clements design?
Us, I guess. Thirty-five years after the Richfield was destroyed and we had learned nothing. We still haven't.

The permit for the Colehurst Apartments was pulled by the Cornelius Cole Company in 1924, a week before Cornelius Cole, a one-time US Senator, died at 102. He founded Colegrove (which coincidentally was his wife's maiden name) and some of the streets thereabouts are named for family members: Cole St., Willoughby Ave., Eleanor St. and Seward St.. Cole was from Lodi, NY, that name is via him too.

The Colehurst was designed by Lester Hudson Hibbard, who had a long and prolific career after starting as a draftsman for Hunt and Grey.

Cole campaigned long and loudly against the proposed Hollywood Cemetery "blighting" his town, but, he's now buried there, as is Mr Hibbard.

Orchard Gables was designed for Sen Cole by Norman Foote in 1904:


Saved from the wrecking ball and now nicely repurposed as LACER, a non-profit youth arts organization, it's at Wilcox and Fountain:


The Colehurst (yes, it's had a parapet correction):


Just east of the Colehurst at 6245 Santa Monica Blvd, is Paramount Recorders. It has a great history. All the individual Beatles recorded here e_r.


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