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Rust in South Pasadena

Originally Posted by tovangar2 View Post
Monterey Road and Fair Oaks Blvd, South Pasadena:


After one gets back from the commercial strip there are many very pretty blocks of homes in all directions. I checked out some closest to the intersection, but could not find the Rust home. The Rust place is described as a "ranch" in what I've read, so it's not going to be a house on an ordinary lot. Also read that his family ran the nursery he started for 60 years.
1906 South Pasadena City Directory:

Both 1224 and 1303 Lyndon appear to have been torn down. Bank Street is the next street south of Lyndon. Here's a map.

H. N. Rust residence:

SCWHR-P-002.2-2124R at Seaver Center

Veranda at H. N. Rust residence (this appears to be the same side of the house as the above photo):

SCWHR-P-002.2-2506R at Seaver Center

There are other big Rust rose bush pictures at Seaver you can easily search for, but they don't show the house.

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