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I remember one hot spot for hamburgers in the 1980s was Hamptons on Highland in Hollywood. (there was also a location in Toluca Lake)

"Hamptons (spelled with no apostrophe) was an upscale hamburger joint, perhaps the first one in Southern California. Once upon a time, it was impossible to get a table at lunch without a long wait. People loved the eighty varieties of burgers, including Stan’s Fantasy (with sour cream and black caviar), The Nelly Burger (creamed horseradish and bacon) and the Pink Peppercorn Burger topped with a Sherry-wine dressing. People also loved the little buffet that accompanied each burger,
allowing you to further dress your sandwich and pile the plate with salads and side dishes. The menu did not include french fries."
(they offered German Potato Salad instead)

This comment caught my eye.

"My grandparents built the house in 1920 that became the entire kitchen and serving area for Hamptons Cafe on Highland Avenue. My dad was born in that house in 1909 and he remembered that a lodger had planted the avocado tree that became the feature the cover over the patio was built around. It was a fruitful tree for years and years. I remember my grandparents house and family get togethers where we’d all get around and make music after dinner. I was sad to see the place razed to the ground to make way for condos. Even the fruitful avocado tree is gone now. They paved paradise and put up a parking lot." -David Cutter

I didn't realize it was located in an old house. (how did I forget that!) & so far I haven't been able to find a photograph of the place
(or even a menu) I'm hoping one of you sleuths will be able to help me out.

The exact address was 1342 Highland Avenue (if I remember correctly it was on the east side of the street) -several blocks south of Sunset blvd.


A little more about the house.

"For a short time before it became Hamptons, the little orange house on Highland Avenue was an unsuccessful recording studio. I can’t recall the name at the moment, but the corporate name for the recording studio was the same as the corporate name for Hamptons. Ron couldn’t bear to sell the house when the recording studio went belly up, so he decided to convert it into a burger restaurant." -Robin Jones

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