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Congratulations and thanks to everyone for getting this thread to 2000 pages. The cross section of members we have always keeps the subject matter fresh and interesting. Sorry I didn't have time to make a celebratory graphic for the occasion.


Today's Julius Shulman post takes us back to school. It's "Job 520: Ralph Flewelling, Warren Lane School (Inglewood, Calif.), 1949". I've trimmed the set down from thirteen images to seven.

The vegetation on this side still looks very new.

An open, paved area.

The covered walkways link the otherwise detached classrooms. Each of these has the same semi-circular roof over the entrance.

A fairly non-descript corridor.

I think this is a classroom. The lights seem to match those in the corridor above.

The blackboards mean that this is definitely a classroom.

All from Getty Research Institute

The buildings are still standing at 9330 S 8th Avenue, Inglewood, but a sign on the corner (which is at least a couple of years old) says "Warren Lane moved to 2602 W 9th Street". I think it's now used as a special education school. I've gone for an overhead "now" view.

Google Maps
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