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Originally Posted by ethereal_reality View Post
'mystery' location / mislabeled photograph?

The recent discussion on sailors made me think of this noirish photograph I happen upon a couple months ago.

It's attributed to the famous street photographer Garry Wynogrand [1950]

Even though it's shrouded in fog, I believe the building in the far distance is the Post Office Terminal Annex down by Union Station.

The majority of websites place the location as New York, 1950.

There are even descriptions of the sailor "walking in the snow"--which I'm not seeing. Winogrand did move west at some point; I think it could be a view toward the east-northeast from, say, the Hill Street overpass over the freeway...which appears to have similar lamp standards...perhaps with the lens bringing the PO Annex closer to the camera... although the angles may not add up. Broadway? Spring? The railings on all these overpasses are very similar to those in the picture. (On Hill Street there appears to be what may be the slope near the famous Ft. Moore waterfall.)

Maybe the metal rail on the overpass extended north where the cyclone fencing is now....

A sample of the lamps and rails, closer to Temple Street...

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