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Originally Posted by tovangar2 View Post

One of the only interesting buildings near the WLA Civic Center is the old Masonic Lodge, built in 1925-26 by Buckeye W[illiam] Asa Hudson (1890-1975), at Santa Monica and Butler, the next block west from the library. The two floors of lodge rooms sat on a retail base. Now sadly diminished, although well-maintained, it's been home to The Village Recording Studio since 1968.

T2, surprisingly a good portion of the fraternal spaces have survived.

In the early 1960s the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi used the building as his Los Angeles centre for Transcendental Meditation.

— several sources say the Beatles meditated in the large auditorium on the first floor.

More prosaically, the building was briefly used as a processing laboratory for color film.

As T2 mentioned earlier today, in 1968 it became 'The Village' Recording Studio.
'The Village' was founded by Geordie Hormel, grandson of the founder of Hormel, the meat-packing company.


Geordie's first wife was actress/dancer Leslie Caron

What a striking couple!

below: In Hollywood, circa 1953 the only unibrow at the premier

Geordie eventually married four times, and owned 'The Village' until his death in 2006.

Back to the building:

The former Masonic building looks impressive on 'The Village' website.(despite that awful cornice)

But here's the real surprise.....take a look at the old Masonic meeting room.

Now it's known as the Moroccan Ballroom at 'The Village'.

Stunning isn't it!

one last look.

And finally, here's the auditorium (where the Beatles supposedly meditated back in the 60s)

The ceiling has been soundproofed but the lighting fixtures look original.

Here's the same view under a different lighting situation. (or aperture setting)

& take a look at this lighting fixture! -wow

If any one of you would like to make me really happy, find a photograph of the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and/or the Beatles at this building.
I searched off and on all afternoon and found nothing.

info about the Beatles and film processing lab etc here:

Also mentions "numerous secret doors and passages"

I don't see how these beautiful interiors could have survived if the building had been used as a film processing lab.


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