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getting ready to pour the roadbeds connecting Commons and roundabout

more skin for the Exchange

northern end of parcel P23

when Terry Francois Blvd is realigned, it will come in from the north and meet the current southern stretch at the NE corner of the parcel, roughly where the closest telephone pole is on the right side of the pic

the southern end

speaking of Terry Francois, they were laying some sort of plastic piping along what will be the approximate alignment of the future east sidewalk - perhaps prep for the actual impending re-do of the street? I would assume it would have to go along with the construction of the arena, which should start within a few months.

and in another possible sign of things-to-come-in-2017, there was some drilling work going on at the northern end of the block across Third from the hospital, where UCSF is slated to start work on a research building next year. as seen from the south

closer in

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