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Originally Posted by HossC View Post
This is "Job 3912: Qvale and Associates, Crawford's Corner (Alhambra, Calif.), 1965".

Getty Research Institute
Hoss, the founder (and namesake) of Qvale and Associates was a contract player for 20th Century Fox in the 1940s.

"While working as a ski instructor in Sun Valley, Idaho, in late 1939, Ragnar Qvale taught skiing to movie mogul Darryl Zanuck,
who brought Qvale to Los Angeles for a screen test and signed him as a $75-a-week contract player at 20th Century Fox."


"Qvale landed his first role--as a Nazi officer in the war drama "Four Sons"--the same day that the German army entered his native Norway.

Qvale also appeared in the Sonja Henie picture "Sun Valley Serenade," playing a small part and doing the stunt-skiing for Milton Berle.
He had small parts in a few other films before World War II cut his fledgling acting career short.

After serving four years as a pilot, he returned to Los Angeles. Abandoning his acting career to pursue his first love, he established the architectural firm
of Ragnar C. Qvale and Associates as well as Q.A. Architectural Arts, a firm that made watercolor renderings of buildings from blueprints.

Qvale's projects also include Hughes Laboratories in Malibu, the rebuilt Wilshire Country Club and the Buckley School in Sherman Oaks.

Qvale went on to restore an English Tudor home that he and his wife purchased in Hancock Park and another old home in Fremont Place
that Mary Pickford once lived in and where the Qvales lived for 24 years."

Another building Qvale restored was the former Title Insurance & Trust Building on Spring Street in Los Angeles, which he and his brother had purchased."



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