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Originally Posted by ethereal_reality View Post

re: Hollywood Boulevard in "Rule Don't Apply"

Originally posted by Martin Pal (I enlarged it a bit, I hope you don't mind)

On Set Hollywoof


I'm curious, was there really a Vic Tanny's location on Hollywood Boulevard, or was it just added for the film? (I don't recall seeing it before)
According to IMDb, Rules Don't Apply is set in 1958, but I could only find Vic Tannys [sic] Gym on Hollywood Boulevard in the 1961 CD. The 1956 and 1960 CDs both list Bert Goodrich's Health Center at 6624 Hollyward Boulevard. Here are the other Vic Tanny's locations I found in the early-60s:

6132 Pacific Boulevard
9356 Santa Monica Boulevard (listed as "Vic Tanny's Western Home")
743 N San Vicente Boulevard
1357 Vine Street
416 W 7th Street
5364 Wilshire Boulevard

The 1961/1962 Van Nuys CD also lists a Vic Tanny's gym at 14431 Victory Boulevard.

Originally Posted by Martin Pal View Post

What kind of special effect do you think this is? Inserted car into actual footage, or recreated in a computer or what? I can't really tell myself.
Martin, the caption for the above image in the LA Weekly article you originally linked to says, "Restored archival footage of Hollywood Boulevard — Oppewall says the production used a car that matched the vehicle seen in the archival footage."
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