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5th Street Store

Greetings all, I have been a lurker for a year or so (trying to catch up!), but now am out of the (noirish) shadows (with a bit of help from ER). I have thoroughly enjoyed the photos, sleuthing, history and appreciate the intelligence of the community. So thanks everyone! I mean it.

I've recently found quite a few new (to me) pics in the Seaver Center archive; I do believe they have been busy! I will post one just to get my feet wet and see if it works, apologies if this is a re-post, couldn't find it in search.

5th Street Store, corner of Broadway. 4th of July?
Seaver Center Collection

Are those Chinese lanterns strung above the street?

Perhaps taken the same day as this (which we have seen here before)
Seaver Center Collection

These are from the Warren C Dickerson collection (I do wish they were hi-res). There are a ton of mystery locations and many views of Broadway. More?
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