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Though not as to location. While putting together my residential survey of Wilshire Boulevard, I came across a small apartment building at the nwc of Gramercy Place. There was never a single-family house on the corner, so I put the lot aside. It appears in images we've seen on NLA before, including the eastward view from Wilton Place below dated by the USCDL as 1923... also in a previously-seen 1929 aerial. The building is missing from another air view dated 1948.

EDIT: Mystery solved--the story of the apt building is in this survey of post-residential Wilshire Boulevard called Wilshire After Its Houses, available here.


Showing a bit of itself on the other side of the apt building is 646 South Gramercy, which Jack Pickford and Olive Thomas were renting just before she died in Paris in 1920. At right is the Leon Kaufmann house, which he had moved to the boulevard from Alvarado Street and would move from after building the famous Villa Leon. (Read all about the boulevard's houses here:

LAT Jan 7, 1923

Hoss: enjoyed the pictures of B.O.A.C.--or, as it was known, "Better On A Camel"....

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One of my more unusual enthusiasms is men's fragrances (whiff of Kouros, anyone?).

odinthor: Your interest is a new one on me-- men's cologne. To be honest, it's a huge turn-off to me-- I wouldn't be caught dead wearing it-- but, well, very interesting interest. Maybe there were some scents produced in L.A. back in the days of primitive plumbing....

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