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Originally Posted by HenryHuntington View Post
Just to get the discussion going, I'll suggest that it's the Shell Building, 1000 W. 6th St. (at Beaudry Ave.). It's reincarnation as a black-glass structure that houses a self-storage business was mentioned sometime back, but I don't think we saw any photos of the original.

Originally Posted by HenryHuntington
The hill crests a short block west at St. Paul Ave. That doesn't leave much room for other buildings given the land taken up by the Harbor Freeway and the S-curve of 6th St.
to the north.(this quote has been condensed)

HH, so you're talking about this building, correct?


And here's the building today, re-clad in reflective glass.

Like HenryHuntington mentioned, it's now a storage facility.
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