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Today's Julius Shulman post contains pictures from two photosets. Both show the McCulloch Motors building in the late 1950s, so I thought it made sense to combine them. The address is given in this quote about McCulloch Motors from Chain Saw Collectors Corner.
Founded by Robert Paxton McCulloch in Milwaukee Wisconsin in 1943. Originally manufactured superchargers and two-cycle drone aircraft engines for military use during WWII. Moved to Los Angeles, Calfiornia [sic] January 2, 1946. Located at 6101 West Century Boulevard, across from what was then known as Mines field, later to become Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) When McCulloch purchased the 15 acre property to build his Chain Saw factory it had been a bean field.
Here are most of the photos from "Job 2551: McCulloch Motor Corporation (Los Angeles, Calif.), 1958" and "Job 2505: McCulloch Motor Corporation, Office and Showroom (Los Angeles, Calif.), 1957".

I think this wider shot of the building is from a little earlier. It shows the factory behind.

USC Digital Library

Louder than a chainsaw?

1953 - Whirlybird at Mcculloch.

Employees dining in restaurant, located in Robert P. McCullock[sic] Motor Company, which is open to families of employees on Sundays.
July 1953

The pause that refreshes?

President of McCulloch Motors Robert P. McCulloch (3R) having drinks with his top executives, while discussing business.
July 1953

People bowling at the McCulloch Motors Recreation Building.
July 1953

July 1953 - The Boss, Robert McCulloch

(From series focusing (somewhat) on LA's post War construction boom.

PS: Many of the images have hastily created descriptions. One of the images is described by source as: "Aerial view of heavily populated San Fernando Valley. Location: San Francisco, CA, US."

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