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Originally Posted by ethereal_reality View Post
I found this postcard of the Dustin Farnum house.

But notice that it says 'near' Los Angeles, so maybe this isn't the home on the southeast corner of Crescent Height Blvd. and Fountain Avenue.

Still confused.


Well, let's not get too confused, E_R! I originally posted about the location in question because I was trying to find out where the exact location of the Hollywood Guild and Canteen was, not to be confused with the Hollywood Canteen. That was in this post:

We know the address was 1284 N. Crescent Heights. It was started by a woman named Anne "Moms" Lehr who ran the place out of her house at that address. Sources, including the Hollywood Canteen Book and Hollywood, the First 100 Years say she ran the place in "what used to be the home of silent film star Dustin Farnham." (Online sources about the silent film actor have his name spelled as Farnum and Farnham, depending where you look.)

For this location we have three images:

One is this 1948 aerial Hoss provided:

Historic Aerials

A second is the postcard of Dustin's home:


The third is this close-up of the entrance to Anne Lehr's home aka The Hollywood Guild & Canteen.

Hollywood Photographs

What we know definitely is that this location is not on a hill. In all three photos we can see a long curved walkway leading to the corner of Fountain Ave. and Crescent Heights Blvd. In the postcard and "Guild" entrance photo the slanted roof architecture looks the same. There's also that palm tree in the same location.

We also know that this location was gone by 1952 and replaced by an apartment building or two, one of which was the Oleander Arms.

The Gail Patrick article link opens with the interviewer describing her home and we know that his description of it is NOT this location, he says it is in the Hollywood Hills for one, and also this location was not around in 1979, when he conducted the interview. We also don't know the address of the location he's talking about because it's not provided.

So, either the interviewer has incorrect information or the sources I have are incorrect, or Dustin had two residences at one time. If someone knows where Gail Patrick's address in 1979 could be located, we could research further into it.

I haven't ever come across a "postcard photo" picturing a star's home incorrectly, so I am assuming that is Dustin's residence. (Star "maps," yes, are often incorrect for one reason or another.)

Also, the postcard of Dustin's home saying "near Los Angeles" the 20's West Hollywood (or 'Sherman") was near Los Angeles.


UPDATE: To find the answer to this question, skip ahead 6 months to here:

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