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I've always thought Gail Patrick was one of the most beautiful actresses...very regal.

Not to mention her penchant for tongue-loaf.

...but not just any tongue-loaf.....piquant tongue-loaf.

That said, I'm confused about the house.

from avjl's link:
"As I walked up to the huge Hollywood Hills estate on a hot day in June, 1979, something curious came over me—I felt as if I were entering a scene out of Sunset Boulevard. Everything was of a lost era, from the statues of Greek gods to the basketball court overgrown with vegetation. Atop the hill above me was a sprawling mansion built in 1928
by silent screen star Dustin Farnum. There, standing at the door, wearing a beautiful white pant suit was Gail Patrick."

-James Bawden

Have we seen a photograph of the house on NLA, or are we still searching? (and what about the hill Mr. Bawden mentions in the text above)

Hoss's aerial (below) makes it looks very interesting...especially with the slightly curved front....or rather 'arms' extending out at a slight angle on either side.

And what does the house have to do with the Oleander Arms? (sorry, maybe I just need more coffee this morning)


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