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Originally Posted by nomarandlee View Post
Speculation time....I wonder what gym brand they have in mind or even locked up. From the sound of it it seems like a major component of the plan. I would love for it to be East Bank Club. I've read that the upkeep on their River North property is very expensive and I'm sure they could sell that lot for an ungodly price that could hold a number of condo/apartment towers once the building was scrapped. Or maybe Lifetime Fitness would decide its a perfect location to finally go urban.
If 601W is following the template set by 600 W Chicago, it could be another David Barton Gym.

I think East Bank Club is unlikely, as it was/is founded by the owner of Habitat partly to boost the value of their land holdings in western River North. If they moved the club, it would have a negative impact on Habitat's rental properties.

Also I wonder what is in mind for the south east lot where the annex building is. It would have near perfect north views of the South Branch. It would provide a great bookend similar to River Point, Wolf Point, and Trump. Maybe they will not invest too heavily into the landscaping if there is any idea for a highrise (or supertall) in mind for the lot.
Right now, it just shows a plaza. It's a bad site for office due to access challenges, you can't get into the site except from the south but the Metra and CTA stations are to the north and east. I suppose you could solve this with some kind of second floor concourse in the Post Office like the Mart has, or you could build a pedestrian bridge over Congress.
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