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Here is the Texaco Building on Wilshire. It's almost directly opposite the Langdon and Wilson Offices I posted pictures of last week in post #34761. This is Julius Shulman's "Job 2407: Welton Becket and Associates, Texaco, inc. Building (Los Angeles, Calif.), 1957, 1958".

And here's the building from the other side.

I've kept this detail of the image above at full resolution to show the piano shop which I previously posted about in post #17969.

This shot was taken from the lawn of The Ambassador Hotel. Just to the right of the palm tree is the roof sign for the Mona Lisa Restaurant.

Moving over to Catalina Street, we get to see the parking garage behind the main building. Unsurprisingly, it had its own gas pumps.

Here's a more arty angle showing the exit of the parking garage.

The photoset includes three interior shots. The first shows the entrance.

This office has a good view of the church and the Talmadge.

And to finish the Shulman pictures, a room full of IBM Card Punch machines.

All from Getty Research Institute

I decided to do my "now" picture from Catalina Street. The gas pumps have gone, but the rest of the building looks much the same.

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