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Here are the Langdon and Wilson Offices, sandwiched between the Gaylord Apartments and the Mona Lisa Restaurant on Wilshire Boulevard. See more about the Mona Lisa in GW's recent post #33783. It's Julius Shulman's "Job 4368: Langdon and Wilson, Langdon and Wilson Offices (Los Angeles, Calif.), 1968".

I've mixed the color and black & white images together, but left out duplicates and the arty exterior shots. The next two photos show the reception area.

Now back to color for this view of a corridor.

It's a shame they didn't have wooden ceilings - these offices just aren't brown enough .

At least they have pretty good views.

Anyone recognize the model on the right?

They seem to be discussing the same model here.

All from Getty Research Institute

Sadly (as discussed in GW's post), the Mona Lisa building has gone, but the rest of the immediate view hasn't changed much.

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