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More Abbotsford Inn + NW corner of Fifth and Olive

Originally Posted by ethereal_reality View Post
re: Flyingwedge's post on the 1st English Lutheran Church.

There's something especially pleasing about this church.

Just for fun, here's another view of it's neighbor, the Abbotsford (no doubt already seen on NLA).

It looks so massively square (well, rectangular). It makes me wonder if the Abbotsford had a atrium or light-well.
-the back is also a solid rear wall (see the top pic)

This 1888 Los Angeles City Directory ad is the only image I've seen that shows the inside of that building:

Here is the Los Angeles College building after it had been remodeled as the Abbotsford Inn:


Rev. D. W. Hanna's Los Angeles College had previously been at the NW corner of Fifth and Olive:

August 15, 1886, Los Angeles Herald @ LOC --

This undated view gives a nice look at that building at the NW corner of Fifth (on the left) and
Olive (on the right):


This photo, dated 1885, looks NW across the future Pershing Square at the building at the NW corner of
Fifth and Olive, mislabeled as Hazard's Pavilion (1887), which was on the NE corner of Fifth and Olive.
In the background on the hill is Grand Avenue. On the west side of Grand, above the Los Angeles College
building's tower, there is an undulating retaining wall:

UCLA -- (There is a reference to the mislabeled
Hazard's Pavilion building being the "old Sentous Hotel," but I don't know anything about that.)

That same wall was still there in 1911/12 when this photo was taken:
Originally Posted by MichaelRyerson View Post


A man test driving the Lansden Electric truck on Grand Avenue in Los Angeles. Now headed north on Grand Avenue approaching the southeast corner of the unfinished foundation work at 431 S. Grand. Here we get an unusually good view of the Engstrum under construction placing this image maybe a little later than 1910. Sign on truck reads 'Lansdan Electric' superimposed over 'Edison Batteries'. Great image.

Southern California Edison Photographs and Negatives, Huntington Digital Archive

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