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Originally Posted by broadwy_central_bldg View Post
I'm not sure if it's been discussed recently; I tried searching and this was the best post I could find.

Does anyone know where they moved this old LARY car? Until a few weeks ago it was still here in the old garage adjacent to the Subway Terminal Building near 5th and Hill-- I walked by it every weekend morning. But it was moved away, presumably while they begin work on the new mall that's going in on this site, and in advance of the Park Fifth development that is supposedly finally happening...

I'm hoping someone on this thread knows what happened to car 1435-- maybe it ended up at a museum? Does anyone have any clues?
Timing is everything
I received the latest "Gazette" from the Orange Empire Musem [at Perris, CA I may be in error about its official title]
It contains the latest history of the remains of 1435.
Over many decades the car had been stripped of parts useable to restore/maintain others. After sitting at the Subway Terminal it was given to OERM, suffering graffitte damage in the last few weeks of sitting in LA.

Briefly, the car had been owned privately at OERM until insurance etc rules required ownership transfer to OERM or removal. The owner elected to remove it to San Francisco. Near Santa Barbara the roof was damaged by collison with the bottom of a highway overpass. It donated some parts to SF Muni, and somehow got back to So Ca. OERM has removed the last salvable parts for use on similar cars in service at Perris and stored the body in case it can serve somewhere as a shell. One bulkhead was removed sometime previously, such that the body is considered by OERM to be structurally at risk unless repaired
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