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620 Temple, 250 N. Hope, and 1557 Beverly

Originally Posted by rick m View Post
Excellent find !! Years since I poked through UCLA materials-- This was the domicile of newlywed brother of Lewis Bradbury-- John Bradbury - address 247 N. Bunker Hill Ave ( or 620 Temple) during it's shortish existence--at Temple Street- My only image is by Chas. Puck-- from the Huntington Library --print #674 in that collection- Puck a protégé of C. C.Pierce- Most costly home in the city when it went up. Spotted also in early aerials by Spence--
Thanks so much for identifying the house, rick m!

Here again is 620 W. Temple, between Bunker Hill and Hope:

And here it is on the 1894 Sanborn Map in the upper left corner:

Los Angeles Public Library

In my limited searching, I could not find a Bradbury connection to 620 W. Temple [See UPDATE at bottom].
The house first appears in the 1892 LA City Directory as the home of Walter B. Cline, who was president of the
Los Angeles Lighting Company. Here is the 1893 LACD, which is a little easier to read:

In the 1891 LACD Walter Cline is at 830 Pearl. However, the notice of his father William Cline's death says he
died at his home on Temple Street, so perhaps 620 Temple was his home before his son Walter moved in?:

Oct 21, 1891 LA Herald @ CDNC --

In any event, the demo permit for 620 W. Temple is dated February 1, 1933. It was eventually replaced by an
office building with the address of 250 N. Hope, which opened in 1949. Here is the 1950 Sanborn Map:

Los Angeles Public Library

This is a c. 1955 photo of that building. The north side of the roof (facing Temple) appears to be higher than
the unseen south side of the roof:

00091461 @ Los Angeles Public Library

In 1956, that office building was moved to 1557 Beverly Blvd:


And it's still there! At first I thought remodeling was responsible for the building's changed appearance.
But if you look at the far right edge of the building, it looks like the higher, glassy north side of the building
is still there, it's just that now we can't really see it because the building is on the other side of the street:

GSV March 2015

UPDATE on 245/247 N. Bunker Hill aka 620 W. Temple:

May 29, 1904, Los Angeles Times @ LAPL

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