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California Highways & Public Works

Looking at the Harbor Freeway construction photos and all made me think of another research source that NLAers might like - the California Highways & Public Works magazine. It was put out by the California Division of Highways (now Caltrans) 1924 to 1967 as a promotional journal to document roadbuilding progress but now is a source for articles and photos of historical interest. It covers the whole state but LA area got a lot of coverage, especially with the freeways.

There's an index to the years 1937 to 1967 in PDF , searchable by keyword here

And a seperate index for the photographs that go with the articles here

Even without the magazines, the index is handy for showing about when certain bridges or freeways segments were started or dedicated. But all the issues have been put online in PDF format.

This site has them organized so you can flip through them and save pages as images. They aren't Shulman-quality, but most have been little seen if at all. They're from the collection of the Dept. of Transporation and haven't been digitized.

The direct links are here.

Cahuenga Pass on the Jul-Aug 1948 cover

Hollywood Freeway, from May-Jun 1949:

From May-Jun 1949: The north end of Fort Moore Hill. Barricade erected by contractor along Spring St detour to catch falling rock and dirt. Right center shows resident engineer’s office, etc. and county parking yard.

From May-Jun 1949: before: looking westerly from roof of the Federal Building…along Hollywood Freeway location before start of grading construction. In foreground right is Fort Moore Hill with Broadway Tunnel portal showing in center foreground; just to the center right is the old Los Angeles High School… still further to the right are the LA city Board of Education buildings with foundation showing where 60 ft of one of the buildings had already been removed.

On the left, it’s the back of the Hall of Justice annex (Alhambra apartments)

Also from May-Jun 1949: After: The completed Hollywood Freeway extending from Broadway in foreground to Belmont Ave Bridge in background.

The May-June 1949 issue also featured a bunch of houses moved out of the Hollywood Freeway aka Parkway right of way. 3 of many more:

This bungalow at 1422 Bellevue went to 2486 Silverlake Blvd. The hideous modernization was “quite expensive.”

429 N. Belmont St got moved to 226 N. Westlake and some alterations for a “much more pleasing look.”

5107 Edmund St. went to the NW corner of 4th St. and Serrano. “It has been changed to as to be hardly recognizable.”

May-June 1948 featured the Crenshaw area Hoss C recently posted about:

The September-Oct 1961 issue has a long article on LA and a color cover

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