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Originally Posted by ethereal_reality View Post

While we're in the area, I wanted to ask about a former Bank of America that's just a block or so south on Crenshaw.

Today it is a liquor store called 'The Liquor Bank'.

I know it was a B of A because if you look closely the Bank of America Clipper Ship is visible on the deco pylon (see below)


Surely we've visited this former bank on NLA, but I haven't been able to find any previous posts.
Was it one of your Bank of America Shulman photos Hoss, and I just forgot?
Nice job spotting the clipper, e_r. I pretty sure we haven't covered this branch of Bank of America yet, and I'm yet to locate any photos. I didn't check the building records, but the Crenshaw-Stocker Branch of the Bank of America is listed at 3600 Stocker Street in the 1956 CD. This article from the LA Times says that it became a branch of Founders National Bank in 1993:
Founders National Bank has opened two new branches, bringing to fruition a deal it made last January when it bought two sites from Bank of America that were to be closed.

The branches, at Crenshaw Boulevard and Stocker Street and at Western Avenue and 43rd Street, bring the number of Founders branches to five. The other branches are in the Crenshaw district on King Boulevard, in Compton and Gardena.

The banks are equipped with automated teller machines, and will have a 24-hour customer service phone number by Friday that will provide information such as balances and transactions, said Jenkins.

Founders purchased the two branches from Bank of America in a deal that included the acquisition of $16 million in deposits and $2 million in loan assets from customers at the Crenshaw-Stocker branch. Founders acquired only the building at 43rd Street and Western Avenue. With refurbishing done, Founders President Carlton Jenkins said, the branch only needs customers.
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