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Yesterday I happened across a group of rare negatives featuring 'Bronco Pictures'. [1910, 1911]

Below is the photographer's information that was found with the negatives.

F.M. Wallett (or is it Hallett?)
3302 Emmet Street, L.A. Cal.

"Home Evenings only; 7 to 9"

I like how he included directions to his photography studio.
(I couldn't find an Emmet Street in today's gsv. -only an Emmet 'Terrace'.

I believe a majority of his 'bronco pictures' were taken near Chutes Park south of downtown.(we've visited the area several times on NLA)

below: This is the first one I came across (they're being sold separately).




below: I like the little shack in the corner, inside the fence.



below: Here we see half a church.



below: Is that the 'Chute-the-Chutes' tower along the left border? (the fence appears different here than in the preceding 5 pictures)



below: I believe that might be amusement park 'Swings' in the distance.



this fence matches the fence in photo #6. (I believe it's higher than the fence in photos #1 thru #5, also it's lighter in color & doesn't have the diagonal supports)
so...this might be a different venue than what appears in #1 thru 5.

*I didn't include the links with ea. photograph because some are already missing on eBay. -sorry


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